Dual Extruder Lamination Both Sides PP Woven Small Bag / FIBC Fabric Tutorial

polypropylene woven sacks

In The Polypropylene Market

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In the PP woven Industry, production manufacturing normally uses Single T Die lamination machine and with the triangle system or doing the one side lamination twice to do both side lamination. However, this causes some issues when the fabric is not produced well or have low quality and by taking two steps this could result in low quality lamination.

By working in the industry and observing for more than 37 years, We have came up with the idea of double die

The most innovative way is to do both side strait line lamination with a Double T die lamination machine.

How To Laminate Both Sides for PP Woven / FIBC Fabric ?

polypropylene woven sacks

First of all in the fast changing world of technology and innovation, big budget investments and expensive machines like famous European brands are becoming irrelevant for the benefit of the manufacturing.

We know that quality and customer satisfaction is key, but what if there is the second best option? Would you consider making a change for the better future?

One Extruder Die is good, but how about Dual Dies? wouldn’t it make the production smoother and more efficient?

Why Is This Better Compared To One Die Lamination

We believe that in the fast changing technology and market trends, more and more customizable projects are in demand. European machines are stable and good, but the pricing of Dual Extruder Lamination is too high and the technology has not been used in European Lamination Machines.

10 Years ago or 20 years ago we would not even consider Asian Machines compared to European machines, but now though the long years of innovation and technology improvement. We are proud to say that Asian and European Machines are on the same level and quality.

With Double T Die the lamination can do more functions than before and better quality, cutting labor cost, time and saving space in the plant.

How Double Side Coating Works For FIBC

Dual Extruder Lamination one die operation
Dual Extruder Lamination one die operation
Dual Extruder Lamination one die operation
Dual Extruder Lamination one die operation

Benefits and Usage

Heavy Duty Circular Fabric: Normally for this kind of fabric you will need to run the lamination process two times, increasing labor cost and electricity. However, with Dual Extruder Lamination you can finish the double side coating in one process. Cutting time, power and labor cost.

Flat Fabric: While Doing flat fabric lamination with dual extruder lamination machine, it can not only give you higher quality double side lamination, but also including more functions like U Panel, Filling & Discharge Spout and Top Skirt for FIBC production.

Saving Space: With dual extruding lamination machine you can finish multiple products with just one machine, meaning you can not only save on the benefits above, but also save on factory space to improve your factory efficiency and production.

3 Products Production: 

  1. heavy duty circular fabric
  2. one layer flat fabric for U Panel
  3. filling discharge spout top skirt 

How Double Side Coating Works For Small Bag

polypropylene woven sacks
polypropylene woven sacks
polypropylene woven sacks

Benefits and Usage

Self Production: If you use an old or low stability loom and extruder to produce fabric, dual extruder lamination machine can help you to laminate both sides better and create a better quality lamination for future usages.

Importing Fabric: If you are importing fabric from low labor cost countries like Vietnam, India or China. It is critical for the quality of lamination, because the fabric might not be made with stable and good tension control. However, with using dual extruder style lamination it can solve that issue and make you more competitive in the market.

Using Light Fabric (Low Denier): With dual extruder lamination machine you can easily laminate both sides in one process and no need to worry about the flipping during the triangle system style lamination and can create equally good quality lamination. 

Applying European Electronics

Using European Electronics like Siemens, ABB, PLC, and other famous brands in the machine can benefit the efficiency and stability of the machine, creating a more user friendly operation.

Automatic Winder & Unwinder roll change, with optional BOPP automatic roll change.

Achieving high speed, high quality double side lamination for different materials like paper, BOPP, PP Woven.

Slitter Function

Automatic Change Roll

Screen Shot 2021 06 03 at 1.49.41 PM Step by Step Dual Extruder Lamination Both Sides PP Woven & FIBC Fabric Tutorial

Different Kinds of Customizable Lamination Machines

In the following are just a few Lamination machines that we think will benefit the readers that many users have positive feedback on.

We are sure that these machines will be changing the PP Woven Market soon by creating a more economic and stable option for manufacturers increasing the production, saving time, resources and be the key to lowering investment budget.

FREDAVID ENTERPRISES provide custom made Project & services for all our customers to ensure the satisfaction of all machine and services.

polypropylene woven shopping bag

Double T Die FIBC Lamination Machine


These are just a few of our innovations and we hope that this can bring value to you.

We at Fredavid Enterprises have been in the industry for more than 37 years, watching the industry grow and understand the limitations and quality our customers and market players desire. 

We hope that this article can bring value to you and help you evaluate your investment and make the right call when deciding. and we are happy to assist or consult on any project you need.