How Automation& Fast ROI investment Are Critical Factors For PP Woven Production?

polypropylene woven sacks

Competition In The Polypropylene Market

First of all I would like to thank everyone who is reading this blog for spending the time and wish that the following information can bring value to each of you.

As we all know the competiton In the industry is getting more and more competitive.  There are many critical factors like cutting labor, increasing efficiency and cutting production cost that we must improve for the success and smoothness of production and operation.

For the rising of demand of customizable projects and orders, there are many uprising market players that come into the industry. For us innovators, it is our job is to find the best way to cut down our customers investment budget, production cost, and operating labor to help them generate the maximum benefit to be more competitive with their competitors in the market.

The most important question is, How to cut down labor and lower your machine investment budget to make you more competitive in the market?

We have come up with some useful ways to answer the question above.

FIBC polypropylene woven sacks
polypropylene woven sacks

What We Believe

We believe that in times like this and the fast changing in technology and innovation, big budget investments and expensive machines that are famous European brands are becoming more and more irrelevent for the benefit of the manufacturing.

We know that quality and customer satisfaction is key, but what if spending more doesn’t guarantee your company’s success?

Buying expansive machines means, high maintain cost, high installation cost, and high service cost. And as we see in the world today something that is expensive does not always mean that it is better.

This is something that we should all think about.

Following The Trends

Important Regulations:

With the world regulation of Plastic as one of the most important hot topic right now, this will be one of the most important trends to follow.

Reference to the article from BBC, the talk will only be more aggresive

Other from the regulation trend, in the manufacturing process there are also some new innovation trends that are creating a more economic and low budget production for fulfilling the market demand.

Challenges In Polypropylene Woven Sacks:

Some of the main challenges that manufacturers are facing are:

  • Cutting Labor Cost
  • Lowering Production Cost
  • Cutting Production Time
  • Increasing Production Effciency
  • New Innovative Techniques In Manufacturing
  • High Return In Investment Goals

In the following I will talk about each of these sectors and how to tackle these challenges and regulations in the most economic and efficient way.

Plastic Regulation

As the article and the News stated in the recent years, Recycle and Reusable packaging is the obvious way to go.

Our take on the solution to this issue is to not only help our customers create a more sustainable company image, but also creating more business opportunities to generate more profit..

Below are some of innovative Eco Friendly Machines for your reference:

that can not only use PP Woven, Non woven , and recycle materials fabric, but also cut down your labor cost by having the machine automatically from roll to finish produce reusable shopping bags.

polypropylene woven shopping bag

Using latest technology and material, you can produce bio degradable blow film to change our the liner film in your PP woven bag or to produce single use bio degradbale T shirt bags to protect the environment.


These are just a few of our innovations to adapt to the regulation and hope that this can bring value to you.

Main Challenges In Manufacturing

As I listed above these are the main challenges:

  • Cutting Labor Cost
  • Lowering Production Cost
  • Cutting Production Time
  • Increasing Production Effciency
  • New Innovative Techniques In Manufacturing
  • High Return In Investment Goals

And our take on these challenges are to find the high quality, efficiency, and automated machines that are lower in investment compared to the European Brands.

Combining with innovative technology in the following are some machines that could benefit you in cutting down labor cost, time of production, and give you high return in investment.

polypropylene woven lamination
polypropylene woven sacks
polypropylene woven sacks

The machines above are just a few machines that can benefit our customers and fulfilling the challenges for your reference.

We at Fredavid Enterprises have been in the industry for more than 37 years, watching the industry grow and understand the limitations and quality our customers and market players desire. 

We hope that this article can bring value to you and help you evaluate your investment and make the right call when deciding. and we are happy to assist or consult on any project you need.

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