1 Step Transformation To Eco-Friendly PP Woven Shopping Bag

Eco Shopping bag machine

Introduction & background

As we all know the plastics industry is transforming and more and more regulations are targeting the industry to be more eco-friendly, for Fredavid Enterprises who has been in the industry more than 37 years we are very aware of this trend and the regulations and would like to help industry personal use the equipment on hand to achieve a more environmental friendly goal.

our latest innovation goal is to help our customers easily transform from the pp woven sector to the eco-friendly sector, creating more opportunities and expand your products.

Industry Trends

As we see on the News in recent years, Plastic Pollution has become a issue and topic that our governments and global NGO’s are discussing and fighting. This article would give you a better idea of the seriousness of this problem”Plastic Pollution to weight 1.3 billion tonnes by 2040

In the BBC News Article”Plastic bags recycled into fabric to fight pollution” we can see that using recycle materials and reusable bags is new a trend to fight pollution. And for us who are in the PP woven industry, our products are a lot more sustainable and reusable than the one time use plastic bag or food packaging.

In the article it states,

“Scientists have made fabrics from polythene in a move they say could reduce plastic pollution and make the fashion industry more sustainable.”

Other from the fashion industry we can use our product waste to do more functions than that and to not only create a green world, but also create more product categories and expand our markets for more profit.


Using Ultrasonic system and our latest technology innovation our eco-friendly Polypropylene shopping bag machine can produce eco reusable PP woven shopping bags from roll to finish in one process, cutting down the labor cost, process of manually stitching of the handle with only 1-2 person needed.

50-70 depending on material bags per minute, depending on the material used.

80-100 bags per minute for non woven fabric.

PP Polypropylene Woven Finished Products

eco friendly shopping bagEco Shopping Bag

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  • An alternative for plastic bags
  • Reusable Ikea Bags, But less labor and production cost.
  • Saving labor cost
  • Fully automation
  • 50-70 depending on material bags per minute
  • Creating more business opportunities
  • Non-Woven Fabric also applicable.


With the all in one eco-friendly shopping bag machine, you can combine the PP woven machines you already have to produce Polypropylene coated or BOPP coated fabric roll and monofilament or PP handles to produce PP Woven reusable shopping bags.

This can be an alternative for plastic bags, reusable, more efficient, saving labor cost and great investment for the eco-friendly trend.


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