Top Three Trends in the PP Woven Sacks Industry 2021

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In the chaotic times like now, we would like to show our care to everyone who is affected by the Pandemic and share the Top Three Trends of 2021 for our industry friends.

Being in the industry and working with many big players for more than 37 years, we have analyzed and predicted 3 major trends that will make you more competitive and adapt to the global regulations in 2021. And the trends of 2021 are, lowering power consumption, cutting labor cost, and environmental friendly. We categorized these trends by naming them Innovation, Automation and Eco-Friendly.


Top Three Trends 

– Innovation Trend

As we know the normal Coating process or Laminating process we use one T die and screw head, and uses triangle style lamination to go and back.
Due to the low quality woven fabric produced in Asia in the past, we have adapted and mastered the skill of doing strait line Lamination and Coating with two T die and screws to avoid the issues of triangle style process and ensure that the coated material is not affected by any other factors during production. 

We would like to share our latest innovation Double T Die Coating Machine applicable for PP Woven, BOPP and Paper with European Quality.

Top Three Trends

The machine has the ability to do Double side Paper, BOPP, PP woven with automatic roll change for winder,  unwinder and also automatic BOPP roll change. With high speed coating process able to do PP woven lamination and PP woven with BOPP at the speed of 230+ and only 1-2 person needed to operate, it will make your factory more competitive in the market and lower your production cost and time a lot.

– Automation Trend:

In the industry as we all know there are many critical factors like cutting labor, increasing efficiency and cutting production cost that we must improve for the success and smoothness of production and operation. It is even more important during the Pandemic that extra labor in the factory could cause more risk to the functioning and safety of the factory.

We would like to share our latest Top Hemming Machine for small PP woven Sacks.


Hemming processHemming process

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Our Top Hemming Machine is built for PP woven sack users, helping them make the process to fill materials in the  PE liner inserted PP woven Bag easier. Only needing one person to operate you can automatically hemm your PP woven sacks with PE liner quickly with consistent quality.

– Eco-Friendly Trend:

As we all know the plastics industry is transforming and more and more regulations are targeting the industry to be more eco-friendly, for FREDAVID  Enterprises who has been in the industry more than 37 years we are very aware of this trend and the regulations and would like to help industry personal use the equipment on hand to easily transform from the pp woven sector to the eco-friendly sector, creating more opportunities and expand your products achieving a more environmental friendly goal.

We would like to introduce you the Automatic Eco-Shopping Bag Machine & Bio Decomposable Blow Film Machine.

  • Automatic Eco-Shopping Bag Machine:

Top Three Trends Eco Shopping bag machine

Using Ultrasonic system and our latest technology innovation our eco-friendly shopping bag machine can produce eco reusable shopping bags from roll to finish in one process, cutting down the labor cost, process of manually stitching of the handle with only 1-2 person needed.


  • Bio Decomposable Blow Film Machine:

Bio Decomposable Blow Film Bio Decomposable Blow Film Machine

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Bio Decomposable Blow Film Machine

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By Using state of the art bio decomposable material that can dissolve after 3 months in soil turning into C02 and H20 and our latest blow film machine you can easily produce decomposable film to officially bring your company into the environmental friendly sector. Our blow film machine is equipped with two color printer so it will be more convenient for you to blow film and print at the same time.

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