Double T Die Double Side Automatic Lamination Machine 

WechatIMG19 State-of-The-Art Double Side Coating Machine For BOPP & Paper 2021

Introduction & Background

As we know the normal Coating process or Laminating process we use one T die and screw head, and uses triangle style lamination to go and back.

Due to the low quality woven fabric produced in Asia in the past, we have adapted and mastered the skill of doing strait line Lamination and Coating with two T die and screws to avoid the issues of triangle style process and ensure that the coated material is not affected by any other factors during production.

We are proud to announce that though many years of testing and upgrades, we have now the coating machine that will fulfill all the factors that you need.

Double Side Coating Machine Functions

Our Coating Machine quality is equipped with 2 screw, 2 T Die and equal to European Quality, with high efficiency, Strait line lamination for all kinds of quality material,

The machine has the ability to do Double side Paper, BOPP, PP woven with automatic roll change for winder,  unwinder and also automatic BOPP roll change.

High speed coating process able to do PP woven lamination and PP woven with BOPP at the speed of 230+ and only 1-2 person needed to operate.

Our machines are working in many different countries around the world with good feedback from our customers with Pandemic time online support and installation details.

Finished Products Type

  • Double Side PP Lamination For PP woven
  • Paper With PP Woven Lamination
  • Pet Food High quality Double Side BOPP Lamination 


  • High European Quality
  • High efficiency
  • Strait line lamination for all kinds of quality material (Paper, BOPP, PP woven)
  • 2 Screw, 2 T Die
  • Competitive pricing to lower investment budget
  • High return in investment
  • Automation winder roll, unwinder roll and BOPP roll change
  • Cut time of production
  • Increasing production
  • Lamination on two sides with one process


With our Double T Die Coating Machine, our customers can easily do strait line coating of PP woven with PP, BOPP, Paper and more.

Compared with European Machines we use double T die which is highly expensive from European brands to ensure the quality and speed for the best performance, our price is more competitive and can lower your investment budget to achieve the same production or even more.

The strait line process it uses one process to cut time of production, increasing production. Going strait easier for lower quality or unstable quality fabric lamination.

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