Why Cost Effective PP Woven Conversion Production

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Understanding and Advantages

Three Critical Factors of Cost Effective Production

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Being Ahead of Your Competition

The way to be ahead of your competition is to jump out of the box. As many in the industry already know, the economy after then pandemic has changed. People cannot stick to the original way of doing things, which also includes machine budget  investments, production styles, labor cost and more.

Though the years in the industry and scouting different markets around the world, our team analyzed that customers not only want the best quality products, but also wanting it at the lowest cost.

This may be something that everyone can see, but do you know the most cost effective production method ? Which is the right way ? I can confidently tell you right now that changing one or two machines or constantly updating though European brands every year is not enough.

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Quality Change In the PP Woven Market

Time To Change Your Mindset

When you look at the big players in the industry, you will see whole line set up with the state-of-the-art expensive machinery. Big Players Invest millions in big brands every year to impress their customers, showcasing the machines on their websites or telling investors about the new technology.The method may seem like the way to go. Having high production, high quality, advanced systems, and other benefits.

The method above works well 20 years ago, but please remember that the competition is changing, the market is changing and the way of things is definitely changing. With more and more customized small quantity demand and technology improvements the cycle of upgrading machines to meet customer demand is shortening, and if you are not up with date you might be left behind.

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Return On Investment OLD VS NEW

The Old Way:

In the past, you spend a large amount of money investing in the newest European machines and hope that the machine can last for 10-20 years. With the first part of the payment you will be able to start your production and operations, and after that the mortgage every year for the rest of the payment. You can make your money back in 5-10 years and be ready to invest in a new model of the machine to increase the production and quality of your products. 

The New Way:

In recent years more and more players in the market are outsourcing from fabric rolls to final produce, and for this quality control is very important and there might have some risk though shipping and quality.  Some innovators started to also reconsidering and evaluating their investment budget to bring down the cost and change to a faster return in Investment budget. With the improvement of Asian machinery technology I don’t think that we would doubt that the time has come for the game change and the importance of the right strategy of the most cost effective budget is key.

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The Answer To Your Biggest Problem During Investing

As we discussed before, due to the advancement of Asian Machines it has become more and more competitive and more quality products are arising getting to the same level as European machines or even more multifunctional. However, as for more competition there is also the problem of differed quality products especially when coming from Asia.

Although with the internet it is easy to find manufacturers, but as we all know it is so easy to make misleading or fake marketing on the internet, and not always you will get the best guarantee and services.

Therefore, it is very important to establish the right connections from trusted authority sources who have been in and is familiar with the Asian Machinary Market.

And sometimes paying a little more for the quality that will satisfy your requirement is better than purchasing something that will cause you even more issues.

Fredavid Future Conversion machine
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We hope that this article can bring value to you and help you evaluate your investment and make the right call when deciding. and we are happy to assist or consult on any project you need.